As a B2B marketer, there are moments in your professional life when you take a glimpse of the email just sent out to the target audience and find creepy mistakes.

You notice that there’s a link which is broken, your audience might be asleep at the time that you sent your email, you’ve wrongly spelt your company name in the subject line, and other errors!

Did you ever face a situation where your marketing team scrambled at the last minute before releasing an email campaign about the latest product release?

If you said yes to the above question, time to double-check your emails before sending them.

Here’s presenting an exhaustive email launch checklist we created. This will make life easier for you and ensure that you send out successful emails with proper targeting, and with NO goof-ups. 

Download PDF
Download PDF

Need help launching your ready email campaigns and don’t know where to start?

fractional CMO can assist you to launch pre-built email campaigns and save dozens of hours per month, to focus on strategic initiatives and scale up your business.

Here’s a client story for whom we launched a perfect email campaign through the above exhaustive email launch checklist. 

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