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Our Approach to
Account Based Marketing.


Target Account Identification

Our team will work with you to create buyer personas, understand your strengths, solutions, or services. We will then create a list of specified accounts based on industry, revenue or employee size, and relevant departments.


Aquire Account Intelligence

Using market research and #MarTech tools, we gather account insights of target organization that includes their tech stack, challenges, opportunities, and focus areas. This helps us carve out specific and relevant messaging for each account.


Engage Targets

Our ABM experts will create and promote the relevant content in a structured way with each persona in your target account. We all do hyper A/B testing to identify the best-performing segment messaging mix.


Measure Success

Get a full-funnel view through the ABM scorecard and how the accounts are progressing from the opportunity to close. We will produce waterfall reporting every week and then summarize monthly to give you insights into target account engagement.

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Account Based Marketing with fractional CMO.

A scientific approach to delivering results

Our carefully handpicked team of dedicated marketing specialists can conceptualize and execute ABM campaigns that actually work

Exclusive partnership

Our exclusive partnership and expertise with marketing & sales platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Salesforce, Instapage, etc. helps us to offer the best marketing solutions to organizations

Proven track record

We have an unbeaten track record of generating high-quality leads for some of the leading players in the SaaS, real estate and manufacturing industries

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