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Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Marketers

Digital era has changed the shape of manufacturing industry.

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Shreyansh Surana

Co-Founder, Fractional CMO

For manufacturers, digital marketing is a keystone of connecting with their consumers and giving them information about products and services. Today, to survive in the market a complete digital marketing strategy is essential. 

Digital media practices like - Social media, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, etc. have replaced a lot of traditional marketing practices in the manufacturing industry. 

Customers are now highly active on digital media and almost use it every time from getting information to making a purchase.
Are you Looking for Digital Marketing?

Let’s take a look on how these digital marketing practices are affecting manufacturing industry:
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Email Marketing

Everyone knows Email marketing and how powerful tool it is for growing and developing your business. But many marketers fail to understand the importance of using a relevant and appropriate email marketing strategy.

Many industrial companies and manufacturers are still using blast mode of one-off batch email marketing strategy. This strategy does not work anymore.

Benefits of Nurture Email Marketing Campaign

  • It is a perfect method to showcase your products to your prospective buyers.

  • Educate your clients/ customers with product information that is too detailed for a phone call.

  • It is faster, cheaper and effective method of sending content-rich messages to your clients.

  • Analysis tools like Online Surveys give you instant and measurable feedback from your clients.

  • Email Analytics and Tracking provide real-time reports that are viewable 24*7 days a week.

Account Based Marketing(ABM)

ABM (Account-based marketing), also known as key account marketing, is a strategic approach of marketing based on the awareness of customer needs and requirements. In ABM, individual customer account are treated a indivisual market creates personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account. 

Many B2B companies, who are seeking to acquire high-value customers are using ABM strategy and are getting best results with it than using broad-reaching approach to their sales and marketing effort.

Benefits of ABM

  • High ROI-Reduced Resource Waste

  • It’s Personal and Optimized

  • High customer engagement

  • Tracking Goals & Measurement is Clear

  • Sales Alignment is Easier

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Social Media

Social Media Marketing is spreading its wings to almost every sector. A common perception is that social media is best suited for B2C companies, but B2B companies are also harnessing the power of SM.

If you want to create online buzz and reach more prospects, it may be time to try social media marketing.

Why social media is important for manufacturing industry?

Social media can help manufacturers come closer to their customers by posting useful and informative links to their site, send relevant messages educating about their product and services, and even send photos of their products and also can ask for their preference so that they can give a better product to their customer.  

Let’s take a look at the benefits of social media for industrial manufacturing. 

  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty

  • Earn more website traffic- Run targeted ads

  • Build relationships with customers

  • Gain customer insights

Marketing Automation

Manufacturers have been figuring out ways to automate their repeatable and tedious processes for over two centuries. Today, manufacturers have different tools and techniques to improve their marketing and sales performance by implementing automation strategies.

Every day we use so many different tools to send emails, create new content, update blogs, post new article on social media, etc. and each one has different interface, usernames, and passwords. And on top of that none of these tools communicate with each other.

This makes it very difficult to do your business efficiently and reap ROI of all your activity.

Marketing Automation helps you in bringing everything together and makes you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Benefits of MA in Manufacturing industry include:

  • Improved engagement through consistent and relevant follow up

  • Intelligent segmentation for accurate messaging

  • Advanced reporting on prospect interest and activity

  • Reduced human error

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CRM (Customer relationship management) is just as important in the B2B sector as it is in B2C sector.

There are lots of ways in which CRM software if installed and used correctly, can add more value to the manufacturing industry and help firms move ahead of their competitors.

The main idea of implementing CRM solutions to the manufacturing industry is the fact that CRM software allows companies to have a detailed overview of their customers and prospects’ engagement which helps in improving their relationships 

Why manufacturing industry needs to focus on CRM?

  • CRM helps to improve productivity and optimize business processes.

  • CRM software also enables sales and marketing departments to make in-depth reports encompassing all aspects of customers’ behavior. It helps in improving customer service, and support staffs and customers queries will be solved faster.

  • It also helps you to make the use of web functionality more efficiently, which is vital in the ever-changing world of modern technologies.  

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