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Digital Marketing For Real Estate

We take pride in delivering the first true 'Pay-For-Performance' digital marketing solution for the Real Estate Industry 

Digital Marketing for Real Estate

"Fractional CMO team had a very clear understanding
of our requirements and our choice of selecting them
has turned out to be a great benefit for our organization
in terms of Reducing Budgets and improving the number
of quality leads" - RS Anurag, Sr. Marketing Manager, VBHC

Jump in B2B Leads

A Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency that aligns with your marketing objectives

Key features of our custom digital marketing solution for Real Estate Industry : 

  • Our proven track record: We have helped several organizations in generating Marketing Qualified Leads as high as 1800+, reducing cost per lead by 150% and increasing lead generation by 200%. 
    Read how VBHC generated 3X more leads in just one month

  • Our belief in generating revenues, not vanity metrics: We are one of the few digital marketing agencies in India that believe in offering marketing solutions that generate business and not work on vanity metrics. 

  • Our unique model: We are the only Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency that offers a customized performance-based solution. So, besides the minimum set-up fee, you will not have to pay us anything extra until there is a qualified lead or if a lead converts into a site visit. 

Real Results. No Vanity Metrics

How to Leverage Digital Marketing to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Paid Ads campaign

The paid ads campaign also called Pay Per Click (PPC) helps in:

  • Targeting a specific set of the audience especially the ones who have visited your website or social channels
  • Driving qualified traffic to the website 
  • Increasing your brand’s visibility by featuring you on page 1, on top of the search engine results, thereby, increasing the chances of conversion
  • Providing deep insights into campaign results, which will help you determine what is working and what is not!
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Promoting through Social Platform

Social media platforms are now an active part of people’s life, and that makes it the right place to connect with your prospects. Considering that the purchase decision, in this case, is not taken overnight, a smart social media strategy is essential to remain on the top of the customer’s mind without looking like a spammer. Social media marketing helps in:

  • Increasing the brand’s visibility by engaging with the target audience and building a unique identity.
  • Increasing the opportunity for conversion
  • Increasing the chances of getting more inbound traffic: With every post on social media your opportunity to acquire a new customer increases and hence you get more inbound traffic.


Unlike other assets, purchasing a house goes through the process of discussion, consideration, and finally, decision-making. It is important that you guide the prospective buyer through the entire journey by informing them about the general real estate landscape, the various amenities available to the customer, and about how they can avail some of the benefits that you provide to your customers. The more you guide the buyer, the more interested they will be in purchasing the property. Blogging, in this case, is the best option. The advantage of blogging is: 

  • It increases the traffic to your website organically.
  • Establishes you as a leader who knows the industry well
  • Builds trust in the mind of the prospect 
  • Enhances the conversion rates
  • Increases the number of leads
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Optimized Landing Pages

A landing page is like a magnet that helps in attracting potential leads. It provides the visitor's details about the project and develops curiosity among them to find more information about it. The advantage of an optimized landing page is:

  • It increases conversions and improves the performance of paid ad campaigns
  • Enables you to grab the attention of the customer
  • Ensures that your advertising campaign is put to use by getting the customers on your landing page
  • Helps in increasing the ranking of your website on search engines

Facebook Ads 

Over 2.23 billion people are active on Facebook, which makes it is one of the best platforms to display your ads. Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. It helps in:

  • Boosting website traffic through website click campaign
  • Targetting the right audience through Facebook’s targetting and retargeting options
  • Increasing leads, sales, and revenue by attracting more visitors to the website

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Virtual Tours

Real estate companies have started using drone videos and Virtual Reality (VR) to give home buyers a complete experience of the property. 

The advantage of using VR is:

  • Provide the buyer with an idea about the architecture and the neighborhood through the 360-degree view of the property 
  • Better User Experience
  • Increases the buyer engagement due to the interactive nature of VR
  • Increases the chances of getting better-qualified leads as the buyer gets a clear idea about the property through a virtual tour

Hmm… everything sounds good, but can we try on an experimental basis?

Absolutely! We offer a Proof of Concept (PoC) to Real Estate companies to give them a glimpse of how we can improve their marketing strategies using proven marketing methods and technologies. 

So, if you would like to see how we work and turn around things for you, then please email and we will contact you soon to discuss the opportunity.

Client Success

  • They filled a major gap in HubSpot inbound strategy, implementation across HubSpot ops, and paid display operations. They filled in some much needed gaps at a crucial point in time and moved us to a new stage. Their prices are very competitive, but don't let that dissuade you.
    Eric Manstof, Aviso Inc