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Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Digital Marketing has taken over the traditional old school marketing techniques. It can be considered as a revolutionary wave in marketing which has benefitted all the sectors. With digital marketing, Real Estate Industry, in particular, has been able to boost their business effectively by connecting with the target clients.

Digital marketing has also helped the companies in a real estate industry to design and develop services which help them to reach out potential audience.

Let us put light on some of the best Digital Marketing practices in Real Estate Industry:

1. Paid Ads campaign:

The advertisement posts undoubtedly accelerate the growth of your real estate business. The Ads campaigns also are known as Pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns and are constructed keeping conversion point of view in mind. Let us look at some benefits it offers:

• Targets Specific Traffic – These ad campaigns target a specific set of the audience especially the ones who have recently visited your website.

• Draws Qualified Traffic – The ads can give quick results and successfully drive more qualified traffic. With these ads the visitors keenly lookup for service, you have to offer.

• Increases Exposure – The paid ads campaigns helps you land on page 1 of the search engines. This not only increases your visibility to your audience but also increases the chances of their conversion.

• Scalable ROI – This is possibly the most significant advantage of ad campaigns. With PPC analytics you can quickly get your campaign result and figure out what is working and what isn't working.
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2. Promoting through Social Platform:

Digital Marketing provides multiple ways to engage and connect with the customers/clients. Email marketing, social media ( Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) and forums are some of the ways in which you can get in touch with your clients and provide them with real estate solutions which they are looking for.
As we all know in real estate market- the purchase decision is not taken overnight, the customers take in a certain amount of time to make up their mind before finalising the desired property, and therefore an appropriate social media strategy will empower you to be over the mind of the customers.
Social Platforms offer several advantages. Few of them are:
• Increases Brand Awareness: Social media platforms increase the visibility of your business. An appropriate social media strategy not only engages with a large audience but also gives your brand recognition.
• Higher Conversion Rates: Social Media helps in increasing your visibility which gives you more conversion opportunities.
• Increases Inbound Traffic: With every post on social media your opportunity to acquire a new customer increases and hence you get more inbound traffic.

3. Blogging:

This can be considered as one of the most convenient ways to promote your real estate business as it gives the customers in-depth knowledge about the various amenities which will be provided to them and also tells them how different are you from your competitors. The blogs also enrich the customers with minute details about the property which can help them make better and informed a purchase decision.

Let’s look at some advantages blogging offers:

Increases traffic: The more amount of content you add to your website the more pages of your website become indexed in search engines and also enhances your visibility in organic traffic which in-turns increase the website traffic.

Builds authority: Blogging provides you with a platform through which you can share all the industry related insights and information. It helps you build up your own authority and keeps you on top of prospect’s mind when they plan to invest.

Improves conversion rates: A blog having high-quality content not only increases the conversion rates but also helps in building brand loyalty.
Increases lead: According to HubSpot, more number of blogs on your website help you generate more number of leads.
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4. Optimized Landing Pages:

A useful landing page in real estate is like a magnet that helps in attracting potential leads. The landing pages provide the visitor's details about the project as well as develops a curiosity among them to find out more information related to it.

Advantages of optimised landing:

Increase conversions and Improves Paid Ad Campaigns: An attractive CTA (call to action) on landing pages also grab your customer’s attention and ensure that the purpose of running all your advertisement campaigns is put to most excellent use by getting the customers on your landing page.

• Boosts SEO: Search engines display the pages with relevant content on their search results. Adding a quality landing page with good content undoubtedly increases ranking on search engines.

5. Facebook Ads & Visual Tours:

It is a known fact that more than 80% of people use Facebook and on an everyday basis. Hence it is one of the best platforms to display your ads. From posters to infographic, video clips to GIFs all these creative never fail to brag the customer’s attention. Facebook advertising can be considered as one of most cost-effective marketing technique.

Let’s look at some of the advantages they offer:

Boosts website traffic: with the help of website click campaign you can target the audience and send them to your website.

 Increases revenue, sales, and leads: since most of the people use Facebook on daily basis it acts as a magnet in attracting more visitors and increasing the chances of conversion.

Targets the right audience: Facebook provides many targeting and retargeting options which helps you to showcase your ad only to a defined audience.

A 360-degree view of the property: Visual Tours provide a 360 degree view of the property which helps the customers decide which property will be the best for them.
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