7 Marketing Tools every Agency should have in their kitty

Do you know there are approximately 51 million small and medium-sized businesses in India alone?

With such a huge number like this, every small/ medium scale business owners are looking gamesmanship in this competitive market. If you happen to be the owner of the business, then you must be looking for strategies and effective marketing tools to bump up your business.

In today’s world, online presence is a must for every business to survive. You should keep yourself updated with every marketing tools to get that competitive edge you always desired.

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What is Google AMP project and why you should pay attention

If you have browsed your mobile phone for getting the latest scoop on google, you might have seen Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) carousel or a small lightning logo, appears in the top search results.

You might be wondering what AMP is and why everyone is talking about it. Well, whether you are tech or non-tech, you should know about AMP, as this is going to be the future of mobile marketing.

4.77 bn of world’s population is currently using a mobile phone, and it is expected to pass 5 bn… Click To Tweet The mobile devices have become an essential part of our life. Apart from food, air, and water, we need the mobile phone to survive.

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7 Essential Inbound Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Use

You’ve planned your business, started working on your product or service and now you are ready to begin your marketing process.

Awesome! Here comes the real crunch. You may be wondering which inbound marketing strategy you should opt to get the maximum benefit. You have heard a lot about inbound marketing and its benefits but are not sure which approach will work best for you. If you are reading this, then it’s a good start, as this blog will give you insights to some of the most trusted inbound marketing strategies which are used by many successful businesses.

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