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Sales Enablement
I am in Marketing Automation & CRM industry for quite a long time now. Its interesting to see the changes its going through every day. CRM now has expanded its wings from being just Sales Force Automation to Marketing Automation and other areas too. There are a lot of new terminologies which has cropped up apart from the traditional SFA terms like Opportunity, Quote, Order, etc.. Lets see the different terminology used in lead management like suspects, prospects, lead ( qualified, unqualified ), opportunity. Let’s see what they mean in reality instead of the standard dictionary definitions. This is a typical business scenario: There is a banking exhibition happening in the city. There are around 50 banks participating and there are around 50000 visitors.


All the visitors are suspects. So there are 50000 Suspects. Lets say 7000 people visited your stall. They picked up the catalog and around 5000 people have given their visiting cards to you. keep reading