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Fractional CMO

I have been into technology marketing for over a decade. Many times, I have been asked ‘what’s your role in your company’ and the answer which I consistently give in last few years has been “I learn and practice MarTech”.

The last couple of months me and my co-founder where pondering on this thought that every start-up needs’ a marketing team but may not have one. We came up with the following reasons

  • Start-ups focus on Product, Sales & Support first, ‘Marketing can wait’
  • Budget needs to be allocated to Product/Service development vs marketing
  • Steep learning curve w.r.t marketing

There are many other reasons but these are my top most, due to which I feel start-ups should think of getting help from a marketing partner.

With our love for MarTech and seeing marketing needs of start-ups, we launched Fractional CMO.  keep reading